I do apologise for the lateness on this post as the exhibition has now finished, but don’t worry you didn’t miss much. I should rewind and explain, the family and I popped to Somerset House for Bjork Digital which was described as an immersive virtual reality exhibition about the Icelandic musician Bjork.


We were in one of the new wings for this one which has only just opened so looking a little shabby still but as we’ll find out you spent most the exhibition with VR glasses on anyway. You were taken around in groups starting with the first room, which was a rather strange immersive film called Black Lake panning across two large screens. You were left in there for 10 minutes to be pounded with the rather obscure film against the first track from Bjork’s latest album.


The next two rooms involved sitting on stools with rather clunky VR glasses (not great for parents trying to wear them on top of their actual glasses!) The second room involved a rather intense look into a colourful Bjork’s mouth – little too much for our liking. It all seemed a bit bizarre and unnecessary but we persevered and moved onto the last room. This involved standing to wear the VR glasses while Bjork turned into a huge moth goddess thing, little strange again.

We were pretty much finished by this point and just felt what was the point, it seemed a glorified promotion of the new album in a rather flimsy manner with technology that wasn’t quite advanced enough for the use.

Anyway we’d worked up quite an appetite by this point, and were lucky enough to get a table at Margot in Covent Garden on it’s second night of opening. The place has beautiful decor, bringing Mayfair class to Covent Garden with a huge emphasis on the service.


The opening was a dream from Paulo de Tarso (previously maitre’d at The Wolseley & Scotts) and Nicolas Jaouën (GM at Balthazar). With such great resumes in customer service it’s no wonder service is important but then the food does very well to follow suit.


In my view you just can’t beat Italian food and as the winter months are in full swing, warm fresh pasta is an absolute must. Lawrence and I went halves with a lovely roast pumpkin soup and burrata pugliese melting in the middle, gorgeous winter warmer. Our other half was a starter portion of the classic ricotta and lemon ravioli, fresh tomatoes and basil sauce, we managed to sample Mum’s meat selection too.

We had a front row seat of the raw carpaccio and tartare dishes being prepared so will definitely be trying those next time, in particular the Sicilian prawn carpaccio which would be a first for me.

Mains were an equal delight, starting with the seared fillet of cod, squid-ink pearl barley and fresh herb salad. Refreshing and very pretty dish but perhaps not the most flavoursome of our choices.


The two real winners were the baked veal ossobuco, saffron risotto “alla Milanese” with veal jus, such tender meat that just fell apart with the slightest touch. One of my absolute favourites when it comes to pasta was the tagliatelle with hare ragu, just divine.

It was only fair we sampled the desserts and so we shared a rather boozy rum baba with tangerine cream, orange sauce. This divided the camp but safe to say it was Lawrence’s favourite. Mum and I were firmly over with the dark chocolate and lavender mousse, fresh raspberries, cocoa meringue and morello cherries.

What started rather disappointingly with the exhibition ended very well indeed at Covent Garden’s new offering. It will no doubt be a great place for all occasions they also have a big downstairs area in Margot which will be very buzzy on the weekends.