I was recently lucky enough to finally find myself in lovely Denmark, it was a whistle stop tour with only 24hours in Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is one of those smaller cities which is overlooked when people think of Denmark, as they’ll naturally go straight to Copenhagen but if you do get the chance Aarhus is really blossoming and proving a go to destination for culture and food, it’s even been named as 2017 European Capital of Culture.

We stayed in a lovely hotel, Hotel Oasia, with Scandi interior designs which became a real home inspiration for our flat, take the below lobby as a perfect example.


Our main view of the city was at night and we made our way along the lovely canal which is scattered with bars along the waterfront, despite the rainy weather it was a popular spot among the locals.

Our meal was an unexpected treat, we spent our evening at one of the handful of michelin star restaurants in the city, Substans. It has a lovely relaxed feel which would mean you’re forgiven for forgetting it’s a michelin starred restaurant until the food is presented to you.

There are two menu options, the ‘not so big tour’ which consists of snacks and four dishes. Then there is the ‘big tour’ which is the full seven course tasting menu. You don’t all have to do the same which allowed us to do only one of the big tour so we could share the extra dishes amongst us.


Right let us dig in, first up the snacks. Beautiful homemade butter with a green salsa style dip to put on top of warm and moorish crumpet style breads. Then there was an unusual combination of apple soaked plum tomatoes, first for us all but really refreshing. Lovely roasted onions on a bed of salt to dip in and finally a crackling style stick with seasoned soft butter. All very nice elements to get us going.

Next was a delicious tart with pickled vegetables, malt, mussels and smoke was how it was described. Simple ingredients executed perfectly.


An absolute highlight was the gorgeous trout with spinach, buttermilk and pickles. Such a pretty dish and seemed a shame to cut into it.


One that must be mentioned but was on the big menu was the sunchoke which most of you may know as jerusalem artichokes. It came with very tasty ham, truffle and hazelnut. So tasty.


Potentially the highlight of the meal, although really hard to pick one was the grilled pork with celeriac, sunflower and lemon. Just heavenly with that perfectly cooked and flavoursome pork.


The puddings were an absolute delight, the construction of rosemary ice cream with plum, crumble and caramel.


Now one that very much divided the table was the cheese ice cream / sorbet course. Of course being a massive cheese fan I really enjoyed it but was a little too much for others with the concept of what looked like ice cream but yet with a strong cheese flavour coming through.

All in all it was a lovely meal, understated atmosphere but yet exquisite food, Denmark – until we meet again, soon I hope.