When the weather turns this cold there’s only one thing for it, really good, filling, meaty food to add some needed insulation. What are layers of winter clothes for than not to hide the extra Winter pounds. One such restaurant which is perfect for this is the fairly new Smokestak over by Shoreditch High Street.


Some of you may have sampled Smokestak’s offerings at the various street food markets but it’s about time David Carter got his own restaurant and that is exactly what he’s gone and done. David was previously front-of-house at Gordon Ramsey’s at Claridge’s and also at Roka. He then abandoned that avenue and moved to Houston, Texas to study the art of barbecue / smoked meat.

The setting is the perfect environment for this manly cooking, all steel and grey industrial style decor, perhaps not the nice sit by a fire, cosy pub feel you might be looking for. Don’t worry though the food will soon warm you up, all designed to share among friends, without causing any arguments.


We started with the pigtails to nibble on, interesting. Then onto the main event, first up really good wild mushrooms on beef dripping toast.


Their famous for their brisket buns but I would also recommend just going straight in for the beef brisket and barbecue. Simple but heavenly dinosaur sized pieces of brisket.


Another must were the bitesized crispy ox cheek, word of warning you’ll need to order more than just one portion of these, they’re just incredible. A surprising highlight was the jacket potato with smoked rarebit. Sounds bland but that it is not. In fact all the sides were great including baby gem, walnut gremolata, crispy bacon.

The final meat feast for us was the thick-cut pork ribs and pickled cucumber. Deary me, writing this when hungry is never good.


As you may have read previously my sweet tooth is on the look out for sticky toffee pudding, Smokestak has in fact one of the best. Unfortunately we were pretty full at this point so only shared one between five, definitely not enough to go around, especially with us Q girls!


It was an awesome meal, avoid if you’re vegetarian but if you fancy a big hearty meat feast, this is your place. I’m sensing great things for David and his franchise of smoked / barbecue food.