One of the positives to having friends move out of London, is it’s a great excuse for us to rally the troops and explore the world outside of the big smoke. In this case we were off for a day trip in Cambridge to visit the lovely Katie.

She knows us too well and had booked a number of restaurants and watering holes for us to visit throughout the day, which was lucky given the rain!


We started off with brunch at The Old Bicycle Shop which was a lovely venue, quirky mismatched furniture dotted around inside and a great menu.


I went a little more exotic than normal and had the baked duck eggs, chorizo, tomato, chard, roasted squash and basil which was gorgeous. So good and perfect on a freezing day to warm the insides!


It was time to walk off our heavy breakfasts and have a little mosey around Cambridge city centre before it was time to grab a glass of wine.


It was just about the afternoon by this point, we’re on holiday aren’t we. Katie took us to The Cambridge Wine Merchants, which Lawrence and I happened to have visited before Christmas. It’s a great place with so much choice and all very reasonably priced.


By this point we’d started to get peckish again which was lucky as Katie had us booked in at The Pint Shop.


This was a great place, really nice menu and for you beer drinkers the beer choice is very desirable.


To make the most of the food we went for smaller plates to share alongside our red wine. These started with lovely southern fried chicken with saffron aioli then the slightly strange pint shop crispy duck with charred pancakes and plum sauce.


A highlight for all of us was the Welsh rarebit but the real winner was the mushrooms, goats cheese, lemon thyme and toast. Of course the favourite got eaten so quickly I didn’t get chance to get a picture!


As a savoury fan it came as a big surprise when the desserts came out, these were insanely good and perhaps better than the mains. First up Cat’s choice of the decadent ‘The Malt Teaser’. This consisted of Malt ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce and blondie creams.

Mine was the Warm Camden Ink cake with whipped vanilla white cheese which was heavenly. Like a light sponge chocolate cake but not as heavy, perfectly moist and light when you cut through.


To finish off our day we tottered down the road for a few more drinks at the very busy The Eagle pub. The pub goes way back, originally opened in 1667 and has a very quaint RAF bar at the rear with a load of graffiti from WW2 airmen. It was also the place where Francis Crick told the pub occupants that he and James Watson had uncovered the ‘secret of life’ in the form of DNA. For us we weren’t quite announcing anything as life changing but instead catching up on life secrets over more red wine.


The time had finally come for us to bid Katie goodbye and jump on the train back to London, which are very frequent I should add so no excuse not to pop out to the city. It was a lovely day out with the girls sampling the culinary delights of Cambridge. Bring on summer when we can get on the river in the glorious sunshine fingers crossed.