Wow I’ve been awful with keeping you updated on recent food adventures, I sincerely apologise. So to make up for my absence going to kick things back off by keeping it local and telling you about the recent residency of a great thai place in Highbury. The name is Farang and it’s getting rather a lot of publicity at the moment.

It can be found in what was an Italian restaurant and they’re yet to refurb and turn it into it’s own place. The good news is, what I thought was going to be a 6 month residency for them has turned into their permanent home – music to my ears, especially as it’s within walking distance. Seb Holmes is the head chef and founder of Farang and the connection with the restaurant is that Holmes’s stepfather Marco ran the San Daniele Italian which sat on this very spot previously.

Farang, Highbury

Let’s turn our attention to the menu, which is definitely one for picking as many dishes as you can and sharing amongst the table. We of course did this starting with the small bites, Prawn and pomegranate Miang bites which were tasty morsels sat on Betel leaves. The next simple dish was the grilled onglet steak with roasted chilli Jaew, very good indeed.

Our final starter was a very unusual dish and I can’t for the life of me remember what was in it. In essence it was chopped up cold meat and veg on top of a soft bread style sphere. Sounds bizarre but actually really rather nice.

Farang, Highbury

Now onto the main event, the large plates, get ready with the beers as all the dishes had a powerful spicy kick to them, definitely in a good way though!

My personal favourite was the Nham Prik Ong which was Chiang Mai minced pork belly and tomato relish with dipping vegetables and herbs. As it says pretty much very flavoursome pork mince with chunky veg to eat with it.


Next up was the Jungle Curry of fresh cornish dayboat fish, which was really nice but very very hot. Make sure to get some turmeric butter roti on the side to dip in all of these larger dishes. Finally was the heavenly aromatic curry of coconut braised beef cheeks, so tender and the meat just falls away from itself (didn’t manage to get a good picture of this one).

Farang, Highbury

We were stuffed to the brim and couldn’t manage any desserts but next time will try the sweet tooth side of things. With it being so close I’ll definitely be making my way down again very soon. What a great local restaurant to have on your doorstep, next stop is to sample the real Thai food in Thailand, honeymoon anyone!?