Oh how we’re starting to fall in love with Paris, as a child you don’t quite appreciate the city but now we’re older and more mature (sort of) there’s nothing better than walking around the city, taking in the sights and sampling the wonderful French cuisine.


Close friends bravely had signed up to run the Paris Half Marathon which gave us a great excuse to jump on the Eurostar and head over to Paris for the evening. It all felt very civilised, spot of brunch in London Saturday morning followed by arriving in Paris in time for dinner on the same day. Tip for booking trains, the Saturday lunchtime / afternoon train tickets are incredibly cheap!

Lawrence braved us Queenswood girls and ended up being the only male in our little entourage, think he rather enjoyed himself. We walked down from the hotel and met the girls at a lovely restaurant, La Fontaine De Mars. It’s well established with its claim to fame that the Obamas ate there back in 2009, so it must be good! The restaurant is typically Parisian, gorgeous Instagram worthy red and white chequered table cloths.


The food is equally classic, with our starters being a pork terrine thing and the highlight was a light cheese and crab soufflé style dish. The trip was a little while ago now, so may have forgotten exactly what we had but rest assured it was damn tasty.

For our mains, without question it had to be steak, chips and Béarnaise sauce. Such a simple dish but heaven when executed well. It was a lovely meal, not cheap mind you but we did drink a fair few bottles of red wine so that might not have helped the bill.


Unfortunately we recommended the restaurant to the runners so they could go the next night, but it didn’t end quite so well for two of them who ended up with severe food poisoning from what we think must have been the Béarnaise sauce, eek. I would say don’t let that put you off if you can.

Post dinner we made our way over the bridge, oh how romantic Paris is as night (even in the rain) and headed to Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse is a very well known cabaret venue, it was started originally back in 1951 and has gone from strength to strength since then. It’s been visited by many people including a load of celebrities who’s names feature along the wall when you go inside.


It was pretty impressive and we had the guest creator lingerie designer Chantal Thomass directing the show for the one we saw. I would definitely recommend, although again not the cheapest of shows.


We ended the evening living it up at Yeeels bar down the road. Was a great night, although beware of the price of drinks, enough to make you cry.

Oh how could I forget an absolute highlight on the way home, after Lexi managed to convey her desperation of wanting a kebab to the taxi driver he dropped us off at the ‘kebab house’ which changed my world. Savoury pancakes open until the early hours, I had chicken with melted cheese which was amazing.


Sunday was spent supporting our ladies in the pouring rain, after all that was the reason we were there.


They did incredibly well in utterly miserable conditions and raised so much money for great causes!


After a rather hungover late lunch it was time to jump back on the Eurostar, which unfortunately was incredibly delayed but did mean we got a nice chunk of money back as compensation, although perhaps I’d have rather the sleep.

Yet again a successful trip in Paris and can’t wait for many more to come over the years.