Temper has been on my list for awhile and what better excuse to go than for a rendezvous with the lovely Janine who’s been doing all sorts of inspiring things recently. We were led to our table at the counter which allowed us front row seats to have a natter with the chefs and witness them doing their thing with the massive joints of meat on the hot grills. This seat also came with lots of lovely tasters of the meats while we looked at the menu.

Temper, London

The menu is simple, choosing a selection of tacos followed by picking your meat in 100g portions and then the scrumptious sides. Perhaps not one for the vegetarians I’m afraid, didn’t see a single meat free option.


After chatting to the chef in charge of the tacos we narrowed our choices down to crab & pickled onion pork skin, which was very different. Couldn’t really get the flavours of the crab or pork skin but was nice nonetheless.


The real winner was the aged cheeseburger, lumps of beef topped with molten cheese placed neatly on soft tacos, wonderful.


Onto the meats, which after our plates were delivered bought a few looks from the men next to us who seemed amazed by the amount we’d be consuming, clearly training from our school days. We went for the Pork, which was great although Janine was rather disappointed that didn’t come with crackling. The lamb was a real winner, incredibly tender but the highlight of the meats had to be the goat, so good. Our fourth meat was the Burnt end Thai larb, which is a mixture of the burnt brisket ends which was nice but not quite as good as I had thought it would be.


The sides had to be beef fat potatoes covered in molten Ogleshield cheese, so naughty but incredibly delicious. The grilled courgette with chimichurri was also a winner. With the grilled corn in lamb fat bearnaise and mint, make sure to eat it while it’s hot otherwise the fat starts to solidify which isn’t the most appetising.

Sauces are all great, although the winner for me was the chipotle sour cream. Sprinkles are also an added option, why not hey.

Just about stuffed to the brim, we contemplated saying no to pudding but then the waiter said you must try the baked cookie. What then arrived in front of us has to be hands down one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. Would go back just for that little dish of heaven.


All in all it was a very successful meal, just make sure to wear elasticated trousers, you’re going to need some give around the waistband. Wedding diet going well as you can tell.