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November 2018

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill

After visiting Hand & Flowers awhile back, we were thrilled to see the news that Tom Kerridge was opening up a new restaurant in London, happy days. His new place is situated at the very swanky Corinthia Hotel down by Charing Cross. What better reason to go than to celebrate Dad’s rather big milestone birthday. Brought back a few memories for Dad when he remembers popping in there when it was previously the government building for Ministry of Defence. The Corinthia Hotel group did a great job restoring the building to glory and the addition of Kerridge’s Bar & Grill will be a wonderful success. Continue reading “Kerridge’s Bar & Grill”


1251 – James Cochran’s New Opening

Wow, it would appear my last posting was June 2017 – how fast have those months flown by! I’m sure the small thing of having a wedding and officially becoming Mrs Archer hasn’t exactly meant things went slowly or quietly, quite the opposite as you can imagine.

Since becoming newlyweds, we’ve found we’ve got a lot more time to ourselves in London, now that we don’t have to travel up to York quite so much. What better way to fill our time then by visiting the numerous great restaurants which have popped up this year, my list of desired restaurants has grown rather substantially. So let’s get a cracking through them shall we! Continue reading “1251 – James Cochran’s New Opening”

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