Wow, it would appear my last posting was June 2017 – how fast have those months flown by! I’m sure the small thing of having a wedding and officially becoming Mrs Archer hasn’t exactly meant things went slowly or quietly, quite the opposite as you can imagine.

Since becoming newlyweds, we’ve found we’ve got a lot more time to ourselves in London, now that we don’t have to travel up to York quite so much. What better way to fill our time then by visiting the numerous great restaurants which have popped up this year, my list of desired restaurants has grown rather substantially. So let’s get a cracking through them shall we!

First up is from one of this years contestants on Great British Menu, James Cochran. He has opened up his new restaurant right down the road from us on Upper Street, 1251, so it would be rude not to give it ago. Just by chance the only episode we’ve watched of this season’s GBM was when James was cooking up a storm with his goat dish, which looked epic, so naturally we were pretty excited about the menu.

1251 offer a very reasonably priced tasting menu, so worth asking to have a look at that when you visit – although looks like from the website they’re only showing the 8-course £60 version, but we were definitely given the option of a shorter £40 menu. In the end we opted to go for the A La Carte because we got to have more options to try between us.


As with most restaurants these days the menu is Modern British (European) but all dishes were perfect for sharing in the middle of the table, which Lawrence & I have mastered the art of sharing fairly. Right let’s get tucked in, first up the small plates. Picked white Devon crab tartlet with brown crab butter, gorgeous morsel, but of course representative of the title ‘small plate’. Next up the incredibly moorish buttermilk rabbit, tarragon, horseradish and rosetta apple. The rabbit was perfectly cooked and the crispy buttermilk divine.


From the larger plates we went for one of our highlights, the Cornish line caught mackerel, cucumber, xo sauce and hazelnuts. Our second fish dish was the Lamorna Cove Jerk spiced hake, seaweed yoghurt, iceberg lettuce, watermelon and coriander. The hake was a bit of a disappointment mainly due to the size of the fish considering it was the most expensive dish on the menu at £15.


For the meat options we went for BBQ Wood pigeon, liquorice, figs and pickled white cabbage, which was nice until I found the shot pellet within one of the bites, but can’t be helped. Probably my favourite of the large plates was the Organic Kent bred lamb, smoked cod’s roe with baby artichokes and black olive – perfectly cooked lamb with charming flavours coming through.


Both desserts were great, starting with Crisp puff pastry, pear, honey cream, yoghurt sorbet. Yet my favourite hands down was the salted caramel ice cream sandwich, strawberries, white chocolate with peanuts.


It was a lovely meal, very small restaurant but should do well on popular Upper Street, although James will have to keep his A game with all the competition down there.